alt om hver gang vi møtes

Photo Gallery

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Official Photos (chronological order)

If you want to use some of these official photos, please go to Press Room and choose from the selection displayed. There you can download with proper quality, and see the names of the photographers and relevant info.


Hver gang vi møtes TV-show

'Hver gang vi møtes' TV-show; Unni's private pics from behind the scenes.

Read Unni's words about each episode in News, and find the full overview of the whole show with videos, music and lyrics HERE


Concert Picks

From 1996 through 2014, I have played over 1650 concerts. Most of them are solo, but I’ve had some great bands and collaborations through the years. I’ve also joined a handful of collegues on tour around the world. Here, you’ll find some pictures from various venues and stages, accompanied by different people or just me playing solo. This photo album will expand and change constantly, as I review my musical history and dive into the past and the future. Detailed info is found under each picture as you enlarge them.


Di Derre med Hu Derre

Jo Nesbø invited me to become the new electric guitarist of the band 'Di Derre' in 2013 , and I accepted. We have toured Norwegian festivals all summer of 2014, and have had a blast! This is my new ‘musical family’, and here you’ll find concert picks, backstage fun, official stuff and 'inside information surprizes' from an ongoing circus…


Band Concerts

 I have played with many excellent musicians throughout the years. One of my favorite band concerts was in 2010, at Victoria National Jazz Scene in Oslo. With me on stage was Ole Jørn Myklebust (trumpet, harmony vocals), Fredrik Møller Ellingsen (pedal steel, guitar, samples), Ronny Johnsen (bass, harmony vocals) and Anders Engen (drums/percussion). A night to remember.

Photo: Johannes Andersen.


Friends & Fun

People I appreciate, colleagues, corny situations or just something to show off. You’ll find all sorts of situations here, and I’m involved in most of them. Detailed info is found under each picture as you enlarge them.



‘Selfie’ was the new word a while ago. Some are dedicated and hooked, some think it’s a matter of egosentricity and social media activity. Most of us agree that a self portrait can catch a fun or special moment in time, and my life is full of such moments. My thing is to show myself in retrospect, how different I actually look from situation to situation, and I often do selfies before stage or while traveling.

Some picks are amusing, in many I tried to be beautiful (yes, the fish mouth), and some have a slightly embarrasing touch to them (tried too hard). What they prove to me is that I’m not a slave of fashion or conformity, that I dress and style according to mood, occasion, creativity and my sence of humor or distress. And they show that I’m fearly skitzofrenic and playful, without respect for any ‘ ashion police'. Most of all, to me these selfies are proof of my existence in frozen moments of time – like  telephone posts along the road – I hereby blushingly share them with you.


Guitars & Stuff

My patient, faithful guitars. And my old Rönisch kitchen piano. See what I play and some history behind my choice of instruments. Special caracteristics and info is found under each picture as you enlarge them.