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Henning+Unni= Terningkast 5
23 Mar 2017
«Henning Kvitnes og Unni Wilhelmsen er to av landets beste låtskrivarar. Når dei då serverer topplåtar i vel to timar var det ikkje mange so...
Turné med Henning Kvitnes
03 Mar 2017
Unni Wilhelmsen og Henning Kvitnes møttes for første gang sensommeren 2015 under innspillingen av seerfavoritten ”Hver gang vi møtes” på...
Unni Wilhelmsen feirer 20 år som artist
30 Sep 2016
Det er ikke tvil om at Unni Wilhelmsen fikk det litt ekstra travelt etter at hun var med på «Hver gang vi møtes». For mange var Unnis stemmeprakt,...
'Hver gang vi møtes' is over. Some journey...
29 Feb 2016
I've participated in many TV concepts throughout the years. I've had a lot of fun and plenty of attention, but also my fair share of distress and di...
Elsk mæ sakte -My choice of song
21 Feb 2016
I remember time was running out. I was hurrying from one concert to another by sailboat. The weather was nasty, the waves were high, and the festival...
Cover girl in Tara magazine, February 2016
11 Feb 2016
I must admit it's a bit weird to walk around in Oslo minding my own business, in tennis clothes, a thick coat and a trolly (like a bag lady), wit...
'TOLD YOU' - About my choice of song on Eva's episode
10 Feb 2016
Eva Weel Skram is probably born to be on stage, and it seems she always knew. Some musicians are shy and uncomfortable off stage and in social si...
'SKAKKE GI OPP' - My choice of song on Admiral P's episode
04 Feb 2016
Before I said yes to participate in the popular TV-show 'Hver gang vi møtes' (Norwegian TV2), I hardly knew anything about Admiral P, alias Phil...
'Laik dæt' - About my choice of song
20 Jan 2016
When Ravi was the guest of honor in Norwegian TV-show 'Hver gang vi møtes' very first episode this season (aired Jan. 9th 2016), I had chosen to...

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