Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions which apply to purchases made on unniwilhelmsen.com

Terms are executed as the order is placed.

All payments are safely rerouted through the renowned Paypal service. No credit card information is therefore neither given to, nor stored at, unniwilhelmsen.com. The store will receive only your name, shipping address, and items purchased - exactly as stated in your own confirmation email.

All products INCLUDE standard local sales tax at store end, but does NOT INCLUDE additional import/toll cost that might be added at purchase end, as defined by authorities of each country/area. Customer is personally responsible for knowing the products total cost at arrival, and cannot claim eventual added expences refunded from store.

Additional expences claimed by your local bank for executing any payment at unniwilhelmsen.com is solely part of your pre-existing agreement with your credit card provider, and the customer is responsible for knowing how their personal credit card agreement might affect any online purchase.

Items which are signed, and/or custom made especially for you, are concidered of personal value, and cannot be returned. Customer is therefore held by the order as soon as it's placed, and no refund is possible due to regrets.

Any technical issues during purchase should be reported to webmaster [a] unniwilhelmsen.com