Return Policy

Products may be returned for replacement when malfunctioning and/or damaged.

Please note:
Shipping glass is a risky business. The frames are not valuable in themselves, but may be hard to come by with the depth needed for 3d pictures. Should the glass be broken on products marked [framed], we recommend purchasing a cheap frame, and simply swap the glass, as the sizes are standarized and easy to replace. Returns due to a broken glass is not an option.

If you receive a visibly damaged package, it is recommended you take a snap shot of the damages both before opening it, and also of any damages you might find on the product. You should then immediately report it to your local delivery service for smooth registration and execution of your claim, probably by filling out a standard form at your local post office/delivery service.

The complete packaging (1) containing the damaged product (2) and the description of your claim (3) must then be returned by post to Unni's workshop:

St. Cecilia Music
Voksenliveien 9b
0789 Oslo

Do not forget to include your name, address, email, and time of purchase when returning the product.

Upon receiving the damaged product, Unni will ship your replacement product. Should the product be out of stock for an unreasonable period of time, or you purchased a unique product which cannot be replaced, you will receive a full refund instead of a replacement product.

Note: Signed and/or custom made items cannot be returned due to regrets only. Should you regret purchasing an unsigned and/or standarized item, you could return it within a reasonable amount of time at your own cost. You will then receive a full refund for the item, but not for the costs at store end for handling and shipping.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact the store at:

post [a]