Definitely Me (1997)

PolyGram 1997

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This item can also be purchased directly from Unni Wilhelmsen after concerts.

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Contains the first version of 'Anything 'bout June'. Booklet contains lyrics for all songs, and a bunch of charming old pictures of Unni.


Unni Wilhelmsen's second album, released in 1997.

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All songs written by Unni Wilhelmsen, except 'The Thread' written by Espen Jørgensen, and 'Grey Encounter' written by Unni Wilhelmsen, Tor Haugsnes, Marius Brovold.

Vocals & Guitars: Unni Wilhelmsen

Additional musicians: Johan Norberg, Espen Jørgensen and Fredrik Sager on guitars. Kyrre Sætran and Marius Rekdal on bass, Tore Wildhauer on drums

Unni's words

'The Difficult Second Album'. But not for me. Having released one previous album I knew I enjoyed what I was doing. And I had experienced there was a place for me as a musician and that made me safe.

Bugge Wesseltoft is producing and playing my songs once more. Alar Suurna (Roxette) recorded in Oslo Lydstudio and fixed the mix in famous EMI Studios, Stockholm. I was there experiencing Stockholm New Chamber Orchestra playing the strings on 'June', while Bugge stood in front of them directing. The sound filled the gym hall sized chamber. I witnessed it all from a small shelf under the ceiling.

Magical moment big time.

Additional info

The album achieved the Golden Record of Sales.

Produced by Bugge Wesseltoft
Mixed & Mastered by Alar Suurna
Mixed at EMI Studios & Polar Studios, Stockholm

Foto: Bjørn Opsahl
Cover Design and artwork by Unni Wilhelmsen & Rune Skaldstad

  • Model: CD2 - 1997
  • Manufacturer: Polygram