disconnected (2001)

Universal Music 2001

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Unni's words

The Fourth album. Put together by me and my friends on an island (Øya Studio, Langesøy) in a river (Drammenselva). The album is produced by my long time guitarist Espen Jørgensen. Playing badminton and making breakfast together produced valuable contributions from Jørn Ellingsen (Locomotiv), Anders Engen, Ron Olsen (Midnight Choir), William Hut and Poor Rich Ones.

Recordings by Johnny Skalleberg, mix by Espen and Knut Bøhn. Ronnie LeTekrø (TNT) invited us to his place, StudioStudio, where we recorded Niagara which he produced. Singing after midnight, with Roffen by my side on guitar solo (through a glass wall, of course :), tape running... What do you think? I got it on video! Poor Rich Ones between raspberry bushes and night golf with head lights.

I loved making this album. The process of learning how to make a record from scratch, made me feel disconnected but powerful. This record surprises me when I hear it, though it may not be the most immediate of them.


Unni Wilhelmsen, Espen Jørgensen, Finn Tore Tokle, Erik Holm, Johnny Skalleberg, William Hut, Tor Sørensen, Ludwig, Paulin Voss Skoglund, Knut Bøhn, Ron Olsen, Ronnie Le Tekrø, Dag Stokke

Additional info

All songs written by Unni Wilhelmsen
Produced by Espen Jørgensen
Co-produced by Unni Wilhelmsen

Recorded to analog twelve track by Johnny Skalleberg and Espen Jørgensen at Øya Studio, Drammen. 'Niagara' recorded at Studio Studio, additional production by Ronnie Le Tekrø and Knut Bøhn.

Mixed by Knut Bøhn and Espen Jørgensen at Sound and Picture

Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio

Photos by Ellen Lorenzen and Unni Wilhemsen.

Artwork by Rune Skalstad and Unni Wilhelmsen.

  • Model: CD4 - 2001
  • Manufacturer: Universal Music