Til Meg (2006)

St. Cecilia Music 2006

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This item can also be purchased directly from Unni Wilhelmsen after concerts.

You will receive a signed album with hardcase. Booklet contains lyrics for all songs.


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Unni Wilhelmsen with all Norwegian lyrics, released in 2006.

All music by Unni Wilhelmsen, except 'Goliat' written by Unni Wilhelmsen and Ulf Nygaard.

All lyrics by Terje Borg and Unni Wilhelmsen, except 3 lyrics by Terje Borg alone: 'Prikkedøden', 'Goliat' and 'Lyser gult'.


Unni Wilhelmsen: Vocals, chorus, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 12-stringed guitar, banjoguitar, loop, organ, rhodes, harmonica, synths, effects.

Fredrik Møller Ellingsen: Electric guitar, slide guitar, bass, perk, editing, loops, samples, programming.

Ole Jørn Myklebust: Synth, synth bass, trumpet, strings, hammond, organ, perk, editing.

Eivind Kløverød: Drums, perk

Finn Tore Tokle: Bass

Jo Bakke: Guitars

Tora Terese Wærvågen: Violin, viola

Kristine L. Martens: Cello

Fritz Wepper: Druma, bass, synth

Trygve Seim: Soprano & tenor sax

Øyvind Brekke: Trombone

Jarle Bernhoft: Bass, perk, piano, guitar ghost, chorus

Guest musicians and contributors:

Ulf Nygaard (Folk & Røvere), Jarle Bernhoft (Span), Trygve Seim, Svein Schultz, Arild Nyborg (Stomp), and more.

Additional info

Recorded in Fett Studio and Lydmølla.
Produced by Fredrik Møller Ellingsen, Unni Wilhelmsen and Ole Jørn Myklebust. Co-produced by Eivind Kløverud. Mixed by Ulf Holand in LydLab.
Mastered by Bjørn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm.

Foto: Pål Rødahl
Art work: Tutta Sætra, Catharina Halvorsen / Grey Reklamebyrå

Fun stuff

On track 10 'Fingerbøl' her cat Purre is credited for a guitar solo. Unni has a recording studio at home in her kitchen, and also a cat flap. When Purre came home in the middle of a recording, she joined in by sharpening her claws on one of Unni's guitars.

  • Model: CD6 - 2006
  • Manufacturer: St. Cecilia Music