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Art & Illustrations
by Unni Wilhelmsen

I’ve always made stuff. As a kid, I drew and painted all the time, but my true love was music. I wanted a piano but never got it. Instead, illustrating occupied me, also during classes - to my teachers’ dismay. Earning the position of ’The Illustrator’ in school, I created school cabaret posters, school T-shirts and Year book covers.

Everyone expected me to make a career out of it - including me. I made money from illustrating for different clients and companies from the age of 12, but as I started to write songs in my early twenties, everything changed. Allthough I’ve designed and illustrated several of my own CD-covers since my debut in 1996, the kid who was constantly drawing is gone. Lately I’ve been searching through the attic for some of these old drawings, and in 2013 I had my first art exhibition in Norway. Each picture was named after one of my songs. To my surprize, I sold the majority of my pictures in one hour.

Here you can find pictures of drawings and illustrations, shots of jewellry I’ve made or redesigned, remade and embellished clothes, some interior pics, art photos and other products of my creativety. I hope you’ll enjoy and maybe find yourself inspired.


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