Back In The Blonde (2000) 
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Back In The Blonde (2000)
Universal Music 2000
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Studio recording, released in 2000.



All songs written by Unni Wilhelmsen, except 'Long Black Dress'; lyrics by Unni, music by Unni & Espen Jørgensen, and 'For The Lonely Ones'; lyrics & music by Unni and Espen Jørgensen.


Unni's words

Memories from the time I worked nights in down town Oslo. A step back to pick up something and have a look at it before I close some doors.

Malcolm Burn is producing and mixing. To watch him do it, is impossible to forget. We recorded in his house, Clouet St. Studio in New Orleans, fall 1999. We had wine with Emmylou Harris and hang outs at legendary Kingsway Studios (Daniel Lanois). Bob Egan (Wilco, Madrugada) popped by for a little pedal steel while the tape was running. Carlo Nuccio plays drums on this album and on Tori Amos' Under The Pink! Head technician Jim Watts and I listened to Ani DiFranco. Great food! Great candle lights!

The recordings deserve listening under good conditions (volume up, ipod and a bus seat :)

Back in the Blonde is a detailed, atmospheric head set record from a dream come true in New Orleans. It can handle a car stereo at night.  



Unni Wilhelmsen:
Vocals & harmony vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, acoustic short scale guitar, single finger piano & toy piano on 'Long Black Dress', harmonica on 'Fortune Friday'

Espen Jørgensen:
Acoustic guitar, electric guitars, mando guitar, vocals on 'For The Lonely Ones', harmony vocals

René Komen:
Bass guitars

Carlo Nuccio:
Drums, piano on 'St. Cecilia'

Malcolm Burn:

Bob Egan:
Pedal steel guitar on 'Fortune Friday'



Additional info

Produced by Malcolm Burn

Recorded by Jim Watts at Clovet St. Studio New Orelans, sept. 1999, assisted by Zak Koock

Mixed by Malcolm Burn and Jim Watts

Mastered by Bjørn Engelmann, Cutting Room, Stockholm, assisted by Henrik Jonsson

Front cover, illustrations and writing by Unni Wilhelmsen

Artwork by Rune Skalstad, Clockwork production

Photo by Petra Kolosh


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