Live with Bodø Rythm Group (2013) 
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Live with Bodø Rythm Group (2013)
St. Cecilia Music 2013
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Live recording, released in 2013.

Unni Wilhelmsen is performing her own songs, and borrowed songs she thinks is beautiful, live with Bodø Rythm Group and Bodø Sinfonietta.



Unni's words

Back in 2008, I did one single concert in Bodø Kulturhus, accompanied by Bodø Rhythm Group and Bodø Sinfonietta. We planned for six months, and some of my songs were rearranged for this ensemble and this special occasion. In addition, I chose some cover songs I wanted to sing, and a few of them are jazz classics.

We also did a version of Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now', based on her famous recording with Vince Mendoza's soulful arrangements.

It turned out our sound engineer recorded the concert in a simple manner, only to keep in the archives. None of us thought of doing anything with this material until I let a handful of people hear it just for fun.

I've never sung jazz on tape before - I have to admit, my relationship with jazz is a shady one.

These people all told me I should release this concert. And so I started considering the idea, and here it is...

Fun stuff

Unni Wilhelmsen had no idea she was making a live album when she was performing these songs. No idea that the concert was being recorded. A sound engineer just made a recording for fun, and for his own archives, and the result was found to more than deserve a release amongst the general public. This is Unni's first live album after seven studio recordings.



Unni Wilhelmsen:
Vocals, Grand Piano

Bodø Rythm Groum:
Finn Sletten (drums, percussion), Finn Robert Olsen (guitars), Tore Johansen (conductor)

Bodø Sinfonietta:
Appears on Secret, Natta Sola, Northern Lands, Once Upon A Summertime, Both Sides Now

Solo musicians:
Jan Gunnar Hoff: Grand Piano
Ole Jørn Myklebust: Trumpet, harmony vocals
Dag Erik Pedersen: Double Bass

Tore Johansen: Conductor and concert repertoire administrator
Tore Gustavsen: Audio and musical advisor

Recorded live at Bodø Kulturhus and Store Studio by Håvard Christensen.
Mixed and mastered by Håvard Christensen, Store Studio, Bodø 2013.

Additional info

Bodø Sinfonietta has a unique place in the hearts of people in Bodø and Northern Norway. With bold and innovative programming, the orchestra gives weekly concerts ranging from jazz to classical and contemporary works, in cooperation with some of the leading soloists in Norway and Europe. Bodø Sinfonietta is Norway's only full-time professional sinfonietta ensemble, and is part of the Arctic Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra, one of Norway's largest and most active cultural institutions.

Cover design and artwork: Unni Wilhelmsen assisted by Joar Fiskaa.

Photos: Unni Wilhelmsen, Line Dybwad-Olsen
Promotion: Head of Promotion
Distribution: Musikkoperatørene AS
CD Manufacturing: Polyvox Norge AS

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