The G-Sharp guitar by luthier Øivin Fjeld 
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The G-Sharp guitar by Øyvin Fjeld

The small guitar that Unni loves so much, differs from other guitars mainly because of the short neck. The first four frets are actually "missing"!

The G-Sharp is tuned accordingly, and the standard tuning is identical to putting a capo on the 4th fret on a regular guitar: G#-D#-B-F#-C#-G#

Many people who doesn't know anything about guitars might think this instrument is some kind of ukulele because of the size, but oh no, this is a fully grown professional guitar. In 2006 the renowned guitar producer Fender even contacted Fjeld to buy the patent, and famous guitarists like Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton has this little beauty in their collection.

The ones Unni uses har two outputs; the standard output from a single coil pickup, meant to give the electric guitar feel, and one from the optional Acoustic Bridge, meant to give the player the option to mimic an acoustic steel string guitar. These two outputs can even be used simultaneously!

Unni has, of course, more than one G-Sharp guitar! She even has the classical version, with nylon strings, but they're not quite friends yet, as a classical nylon stringed guitar is a completely different instrument, both in the feel and the expression, for guitarists and composers.

The sound that reaches you in the end when Unni is playing this guitar, is very often the combination of this big instrument in it's tiny body, and her TC-Helicon all-in-one pedalboard.

See Unni Wilhelmsen in action with her black G-Sharp here, singing Admiral P's song 'Skakke gi opp':


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