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‘Selfie’ was the new word a while ago. Some are dedicated and hooked, some think it’s a matter of egosentricity and social media activity. Most of us agree that a self portrait can catch a fun or special moment in time, and my life is full of such moments. My thing is to show myself in retrospect, how different I actually look from situation to situation, and I often do selfies before stage or while traveling.

Some picks are amusing, in many I tried to be beautiful (yes, the fish mouth), and some have a slightly embarrasing touch to them (tried too hard). What they prove to me is that I’m not a slave of fashion or conformity, that I dress and style according to mood, occasion, creativity and my sence of humor or distress. And they show that I’m fearly skitzofrenic and playful, without respect for any ‘ ashion police'. Most of all, to me these selfies are proof of my existence in frozen moments of time – like  telephone posts along the road – I hereby blushingly share them with you.


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