Dreams official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Official lyrics from the album
To Whom It May Concern
(© PolyGram 1996)

Dreams crowding up on me
Dreamt I was at Sotheby's
Stealing accessories, blades on my feet
Rolling into a pregnancy
Birds looking down on me
Said there's no way back for me
They've taken my seat

Dreams crowding up on me
They're lying on top of me

I was singing a duet for one
Along with Celine Dion
When suddenly my voice was gone
And there I was
And then Egypt was passing by
Whole pyramids stepped aside
I've got all I need, I cried
I've got all I need!

Dreams crowding up on me
They're lyiing on top of me

And the shruberies all around
Looked suddenly neatly planned
And the air felt like being canned
And that's when I awoke
These dreams crowding up on me
They're lying on top of me
Nothing is what it seems to be
In my dreams

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen


Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2024