Driving Through Fall official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Driving Through Fall

Official lyrics from the album
Back In The Blonde
(© Universal Music 2000)

I sometimes feel like crying
at the end of some things
and you know, from time to time,
you put a lid on everything
We've got travellers music on our stereo
and you, yes you brought your yoghurt
and your cereals
Laughing at something I said.
Laughing, covering your ears

And next to me, you see
next to me, you feel
and next to me, you rest!
You have no idea of it all
We're driving through fall...

You hand me an article to prove a point
I don't feel like reading it so I don't
And then, silence appearing, like a fountain
growing closer, more solid
than these mountains
my eyes on the road,
searching for your secret code

And next to you I feel
next to you I see
and next to you I worry!
You don't have any idea of it all
We're driving through fall...

I see yellow flowers and snow at the same time
at every glimpse of sun, we try to unwind
and we skirt around in our micro-community
you and me, yes, taking care of opportunities
And yes, I have my curiosities
but in your eyes all they do is increase

And next to you...
Next to me...
Next to each other...
Here we go
Here comes all
We're driving through fall...

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen


Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2024