Grey Encounter official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Grey Encounter

Official lyrics from the album
Definitely Me
(© PolyGram 1997)

Through channels I can't see
Towards unknown locations
Of materials I can't feel
With sounds like nothing ever heard
I go

In rooms I made myself
Of time and single moments
Like bricks joined with cement
Alone with everything
I am

From childhood everlasting
Pulled out of history
- all that's still intact
And mixed it down to me
I did

So entering the ending
The first one of it's kind
Secretly surrendering
Finally with you
I stay

Like bricks joined with cement
Alone at last with you
I stay

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen, Tor Haugsnes, Marius Brovold


Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2024