Perfectly Alright official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Perfectly Alright

Official lyrics from the album
Definitely Me
(© PolyGram 1997)

It's alright I'll come back later
Hope I didn't disturb anything
It's alright, I'm perfectly happy
Just can't keep my hands still

It's alright, yes I'll manage
Guess I have some stuff to do
I were gonna let it wait, if only
But I'm not gonna say that to you

It's alright, I understand
And no, there's no need
I'm OK, really I am
Will I see you next week?

And it's alright, I'm not lonely
The hall window is hard to look through
I simply needed to see you tonight
Oh, all the stupid things I do!

No, it's alright, look I'm smiling!
Don't need your bullshit right now
How do you manage to make me feel
So lost, so strange somehow...

And it's alright I can come back some time
And yes of course we can go for a beer
NOT! I'm thinking, backing out of the door
Trying to look like I don't care

It's alright I'm just gonna kick around
This garbage can some more
Don't mind me, I'm just being childish
What did I have to come here for

It's alright; I can stop by some time
And yes of course we can go for that beer
NOT! I'm thinking, backin' out of the door
Ain't gonna show my face around here no more

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen


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