Playing Dead official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Playing Dead

Official lyrics from the album
To Whom It May Concern
(© PolyGram 1996)

Like a wounded animal I play dead
Like a victim of betrayal, I close my head
I try to pull the lines between
All the different things you said
I'm not getting any closer...

The image from my mirror in the hall
Speaks to me from somewhere on the wall
It says something 'bout «I would hate to see you fall!»
«And you know you're getting closer»...

So I'm playing dead
Lying still, waiting, avoiding
All curled up, with my arms over my head
'cause above me the sword hangs
by a single, fragile thread...

Like the person I am I try to be strong
And I say to myself that it won't be long
And then I make myself focus on
All the things being wrong
'cause they're really getting closer

Like a wounded animal I play dead
Like a victim of surprise I close my head
I Try to get some sense out of
All the things tou did
Am I getting any closer?

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen


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