'Laik dæt' - Unni Wilhelmsen singing Ravi 
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'Laik dæt' - Unni Wilhelmsen singing Ravi
In the song 'Laik Dæt', Ravi has sampled and programmed bits of an old tune sung by legendary Karin Krog (with her permission), which was written by John Surman. I had to rearrange and cut a word here and there, but not much. I altered the chorus to make sence to my logic and emotions, and voila - there it was! Unbeknownst to me, Ravi wrote and released this song way before his daughter Else, was born. To me, this was clearly a raffined, wize and heartfelt lullaby to her. But during the TV episode with Ravi, he told us that the song is older than his fatherhood, and was I a bit embarassed by that information... Read more...
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