'Elsk mæ sakte' - Unni Wilhelmsen singing Jørn Hoel 
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'Elsk mæ sakte' - Unni Wilhelmsen singing Jørn Hoel
It was time for me to choose one of Jørn Hoel's songs to perform in the TV show 'Hver gang vi møtes'. I had all the other songs picked out, and I was in a hurry to go through Jørn's hits, while the boat engine and the wind was howling. Needless to say, I was a bit occupied, and couldn't pay full attention to the lyrics, when I heard a melody and some harmonies appealing to me. I decided in a heart beat: this was the song I was going to play to honor Jørn! I wrote down the title 'Elsk mæ sakte' (Love me slowly), and I guess I should've reacted on some level, but I had too much practical stuff to worry about at the time.... Read more....
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