'Told You' - Unni Wilhelmsen singing Eva & the Heartmakers 
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'Told You' - Unni Wilhelmsen singing Eva & the Heartmakers
After listening to a number of songs from this duo, I ended up choosing a song called 'Told you', for my performance in Eva's episode. It has a catchy melody, an energetic core, and a modern sound. I felt it could be arranged or produced in many directions, but in my head I heard bluegrass elements, and I decided to see how that idea would go with fit band. The idea certainly suited my small G-sharp guitar. These guitars I often use, and they can sound quite different depending on which pedals or sound effects I use, and they fit my small fingers and travel easily. The band went along with my idea perfectly, and suddenly we had a 'Dolly Parton' thing going... Read more...
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