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Unni in TV-show
TV2: <br> 'HVER GANG VI MØTES': Unni in TV-show
'HVER GANG VI MØTES': Unni in TV-show

Date: 20 Feb 2016

Time: 20:00

Venue: TV2 (Norwegian TV channel)

Latitute: , Longtitute:


Unni Wilhelmsen has been honored to be one of the seven Norwegian songwriters and artists to be profiled and presented in one of Norways most popular, musical TV-shows: 'Hver gang vi møtes' (Whenever we meet). Accompanied by legendary Wenche Myhre, Henning Kvitnes, Jørn Hoel, Ravi, Admiral P. and Eva from 'Eva & The Heartmaker', this season will be quite special. They will cover each others songs, and 50 performances will be presented this season, every Saturday during eight weeks, at 20:00 (TV2 Norway). All the artists have become quite good friends during their 10 day stay at the farm in Norway, and they have joined each other 24-7, laughing, playing, dining and going through each others child hood, life history, careers and songs. Tonight's show is dedicated to Jørn Hoel, and Unni will perform her special version of his song: 'Elsk mæ sakte'.

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