Don't Ask Me Why official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Don't Ask Me Why

Official lyrics from the album
Hurricane's Eye
(© St. Cecilia Music)

Nice hands he said with a crooked smile
And I pulled them to me falling behind
Leaving even more space for his arrogant mind
But these hands are at least mine

One hand can never forget another
The secret can sometimes travel to the other
And sometimes I really wonder why they bother
To do some of the things they do

But these hands can paint this colorful sky
And do lyrics in no time where med give up trying
They can easily save the life of a fly
Love you or kill you but they won't lie
So if they keep to themselves don't ask me why

My hands are perhaps my most precious parts
To be touched by someone else is not very hard
But to reach out for someone and let down my guard
Can be almost impossible

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen


Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2024