Heavenly Bodies official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Heavenly Bodies

Official lyrics from the album
(© Universal Music)

i'm a comet you're a satelite
and the lights in this room
look like moonbeams tonight
or something from a cocktail
at a convention we recently attended
art deco is best by night i say
trying to forget what happened today
these tall buildings and massive crowds
don't appeal to me like they could've done
i'm a comet at least everyone says
but you were the first to know
and yes attention gets to me
in every additional way
i'm glad i have a rug to wipe things under
my gargoyles whisper from the wall
they say they're here undercover
and i'm watchin' a movie right now
where she says stay the night
she might even say please
and i think does it really matter
what she'll say
will it play a part in
whether he will stay or not
i know i'm here and you are there
toenails and embarrassement,
next commercial issue on tv
you're a satelite making the world your scene
like the sun through passin' clouds
sending your lazers out
to other souls than mine
talking 'bout untied knots
so i'm destined to move across the sky
while you're out in space
somewhere from a distance
exploring destinations
tying them to you through thin air
looking to find your way back perhaps
i'm a comet you're a satelite
we're heavenly bodies our courses encounter
at this point in life
i'm a comet you're a satelite

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen



Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2024