Humbly For Her official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Humbly For Her

Official lyrics from the album
Hurricane's Eye
(© St. Cecilia Music)

I hum and I breathe and I listen to you
And everything I've ever done seems truer
I wonder are you self-righteous?
Do you seek the dangerous?
To you, is Jesus a reminder or a mentor?
Or just an image between the lines

So many I see are just images and wannabes
Confirming what I sometimes know
Life's not quite real for some
Do you know what life is to me, sometimes?
A state of irony sometimes, to be in
Another joke on my behalf
Who's gonna save me from it

Who's gonna take me seriously if I don't

So left I am with you again
As the music and the morning
comes through again
Through these channels turning real again
Your voice and your fears again
Your love and your tears again I hear them
Or are they all mine
Who's gonna save me from them?

Who's gonna take me seriously if I don't

When they find each other on my couch
Reminding me of all I have to face
That real life starts after
everyone's gone home
After emptying the room
Making space for the moon, tell me
Who's gonna make it here
Who's gonna save me from this?

Who's gonna take me seriously if I don't?

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen


Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2024