Sea of Faces official lyrics by Unni Wilhelmsen 
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Sea of Faces

Official lyrics from the album
(© Universal Music)

Sometimes I feel I will never leave this fair
Because of the way the sun
and these shadows play
But attraction has no room in here
People pass me everyday - all our faces!
We look at each other,
then go our separate ways...

And do you know
When I'm surrounded by all these people
that's when I miss you the most
The sea of faces is only pulling me deeper
I look for you, but realize I'm lost...

And I move from place to place
as a kid I could actually see the air
I look up suddenly amazed:
'Cause they're laughing
and waving to me down here!
So I take a bow and I feel quite free
'Cause this is my day, and I'm still me...

And do you know
The times I feel that life is the best
are probably the times
that I miss you the most
I could bring out the beautiful,
and cut out the rest
But without my sadness, I fear I'd be lost...

And I'm probably an onion
I could only hope to be a rose
But the layers of them
both define me I suppose
Oh, and it's so easy to be a rose with you
Do you know how much you
sometimes still pass through
my soul, in the moment of alternative truth,
with every cell searching for you:
The moment I fall asleep
All I know is:
I used to dream in peace...

And do you know
The time I spend in this silence
That's when I miss you the most
And do you know how I find my inheritance?
You see, all my angels
all my angels turned out to be ghosts...

Written by Unni Wilhelmsen



Unni Wilhelmsen © 1996 - 2023