Unni Wilhelmsen, Solveig Heilo & Hanne Mari Karlsen TRIO 
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Unni Wilhelmsen, Solveig Heilo & Hanne Mari Karlsen TRIO
News / 13 May 2015

Unni Wilhelmsen Sol Heilo Hanne Mari Karlsen
Don't miss out! The new, flourishing (but still unnamed!) trio Unni Wilhelmsen, Solveig Heilo and Hanne Mari Karlsen performs at Buckleys Roots & Blues Joint in Oslo May 26th.

They arrive at the venue carrying a double digit number of instruments, and during their concerts you never know who'll pick up which instrument when they're enthusiastically performing uniquely arranged songs from a varied repertoir. Unni brings some of her well known and highly loved songs from a rich career, and Solveig gives you some of her beautiful newborn songs. They also bring a couple of hand picked cover songs, and everything is touched up with the great energy and humour the three best friends share, both on and off stage.

Unni Wilhelmsen from Oslo has released 8 albums, done more than 1700 concerts, and won two Norwegian Grammys. Solveig Heilo from Bærum is one of the Katzenjammer girls, a band that easily sells 7000 tickets in Germany on an ordinary weekday. The multitalented Hanne Mari Karlsen is an engineer out of the ordinary from Nøtterøy. They're best friends with many talents, and now they've finally also joined forces musically, and they love to get on stage together to play beautiful music and entertain the audience.

Their debut as a trio at Gamle Ormelet the summer of 2013 was completely sold out, and the applause never seemed to end. Do you like Simon & Garfunkel? First Aid Kit? Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt? Nick Drake or Bon Iver? Then you should really check out Solveig, Unni and Hanne live. The new trio is still almost a secret to most people, but rumor has it that pretty soon you'll have to drop everything you're holding and run pretty fast to get tickets to their evocative and beautiful concerts.

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