My first art exhibition 
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My first art exhibition
News / 31 Jul 2014
Sooooo....I've had my first sales exhibition, at GALLERI FLOOD, Sandefjord, Norway.

I was asked to bring my illustrations and drawings, frame them and hang them on walls in a gallery, up for sale. I spent some time looking through old stuff in the attic, and ended up with over 30 drawings, many of them one of a kind originals and made by hand long ago. I did most of these drawings during the nineties, the oldest from 1988, and the newest from 2011. I did a solo concert at Galleri Flood while my art was on the wall, and we agreed to repeat the ordeal this summer, with more songs and more pictures.

In one hour, over 50% of my pictures were sold, to my surprise. I've had some professional art prints made from a few of these illustrations, and I've signed, framed and serial numbered them. I still have a few left for sale - check out my brand new WEB SHOP - opening September 2014 - to see what's available, along with the collection of my 8 CD releases also up for sale and shipment directly to your home.

Here's a few drawings from my exhibition:

Here's Galleri Flood:
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