'Hver gang vi møtes' starts today on TV2! 
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'Hver gang vi møtes' starts today on TV2!
Hver gang vi møtes / 06 Jan 2016

Today, January 9th, the first program of the popular musical TV-show 'Hver gang vi møtes' has it's premiere (TV2 Kl 20:00)!
Click here for everything about the show
And wow, what a ride it has been, recording these shows! I stayed on a farm in Norway for 10 days, with some of my most legendary colleagues: Wenche Myhre, Henning Kvitnes, Jørn Hoel, Ravi, Admiral P. and Eva Wheel Skram ('Eva & The Heartmaker'). We've laughed, cried, played both games and music, and we've grown to know and respect each other more than we already did. Each program is dedicated to one of us, and we learn about each others childhood, life history, career and music. 50 songs are performed through eight chapters, and our roles as composers, writers, performers and humans are given the time, space and respect we hardly see on prime time TV anymore.
I look forward to see the result on TV every Saturday during the next eight weeks, where we all pay tribute by interpreting each others songs. Look out for a lot of magic moments! I would like to shout a great, big thank you to my newfound friends and wonderful collegues: Jørn, Wenche, Ivar, Philip, Eva, Henning! Like Eric Cartman of South Park says (but without the irony): I luv u guys! But let's not forget the superb band that helped us, and all the angels working behind the sceenes in this huge, professional production: The artist hosts, make-up artists and hair profesionals, the camera crew, the
god morgen norge HGVM
producers, the Mastiff staff, Bjarne at TV2, Gaute Nistov and Stig Thoresen (sound), Pernille, the chef and waiters, everyone I might have forgotten, and of course lovely Connie Barr! <3
On behalf of all of us I think I can say that we feel lucky and proud to be chosen to be a part of this great concept, even though I have to add:
We DO deserve to be on TV once in a while without risking to be out-voted by a bunch of teenagers who does not pay their own mobile bills! :D
I will update my web with private pics from our stay at the farm, and behind-the-scene anecdotes every week, and my concert list is complete.
And yes, I will bring some of the songs I sing on TV with me on stage for my 2016 concerts!
Let the music begin!
Sesongpremiere lørdag kl. 20.00!

Den første dagen! Ankomsten, spenningen, forventningene, nervene, usikkerheten, gleden, nysgjerrigheten, det første måltidet, de første låtene - og de utrolig fine folkene! Hva gleder dere dere mest til på lørdag?


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