FARMORS HUS - About my choice of song 
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FARMORS HUS - About my choice of song
Hver gang vi møtes / 17 Jan 2016
In Wenche Myhre's tribute episode on TV-show 'Hver gang vi møtes', I chose to sing a song Wenche recorded in 1976, 'Farmors Hus' (Grandma's house), composed by Arne Schulze, with lyrics by Jan Eggum.

Apparantly, not many people knew of this song, me included. When I asked my friend and webmaster Trude Bergheim Mikkelsen to help me go through some of Wenche's repertoar during my preparation for the show (she's recorded ca 700 songs!), this was among the tunes Trude thought I would like, and it hit me hard.

Like many of you, I started to cry every time I heard it, and that's rare! This song is an example of words and music really blending in a perfect way, and the story is elegantly written. I was somewhat surprized to hear Wenche sing a song like that, since many of us know her more as an up-beat entertainer. But Wenche won a Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy) for the album containing this song.

What a grand lady she is!

I am a Wenche fan now, and I can't wait to visit her this summer to help fix cracks in her garden walls! Some have written and wondered about the lyrics, so I present them here.

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