23. March: Concert at The BROKER (Oslo) 
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23. March: Concert at The BROKER (Oslo)
News / 27 Feb 2015
Unni Wilhelmsen at The Broker, Oslo 2015

The Broker is a beautiful place in Bogstadveien, Majorstua (Oslo), with museum-like interior and good food.

Back in the old days, they used to have live music here, and now they wan't that vibe back. So they've invited me to kick of this new form of intimate setting in this atmospheric venue. It's one of the most spectacular places of this kind left in the country, with a ceiling to die for, chandeliers and candles and a bar to suit your every need.

There's limited space, so order your tickets early, and try the dinner menue before the concert (be sure to get good seats). I really look forward to playing here, Monday 23rd of Febuary at 21:00!

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