My next challenge: Stjernekamp 2014 
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My next challenge: Stjernekamp 2014
News / 20 Aug 2014

Photo: Linn Carin Dirdal, NRK

Oh my. What did I agree to now. Just when I thought I'd finally learnt how to say 'no'.

Competing in music is something I dislike. Doing things I'm not good at, I dislike even more. In this show, I'll have to (among many challenging cathegories) do some rap. I have to rap, supposedly with an attidude like I'm straight out from Guantanamo.

Already, the challenging rap song (can't tell yet) spreads long shaddows across my life, whiping out everything before and including Christmas and all the serenity I wish I had...

Unni Wilhelmsen, Jørn Hoel, Anita Skorgan - Stjernekamp

The three veterans of this season: Me, Jørn Hoel & Anita Skorgan
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