'Hver gang vi møtes' is over. Some journey... 
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'Hver gang vi møtes' is over. Some journey...
Hver gang vi møtes / 29 Feb 2016

I've participated in many TV concepts throughout the years. I've had a lot of fun and plenty of attention, but also my fair share of distress and disappointments. Fame, fortune, applause, critisism, misunderstandings. Being in the media has at least two sides to it. People can imagine and maybe wish for the attention and glory.

The feeling of pressure, the excessive level of stress that can compromise your function, is a well kept secret.Not every musician and performer is born to be on stage. We may have been born to pursue music, but many of us have made a formidable journey, just to be able to look people in the eye while we sing. To sing in front of other people, is still one of the most personal things I can do. Many of my colleges get a boost from stage lights and cameras. They're not only proffessionals and great musicians and singers, but they're also able to enjoy themselves while they give the audience's a memorable experience.

Many will say I possess that ability. Only I know the whole truth of the matter. We can learn many things - some say daily rehearsals for ten years makes an expert. I've been playing concerts for twenty years now. I still feel quite vunerable sometimes. And I fight some kind of battle every time I go on stage, even if it doesn't show. But sometimes, it doesn't take long at all, to feel safe before an audience. At a concert, in a TV show, in an in interview.

When I said yes to join Wenche Myhre, Henning Kvitnes, Jørn Hoel, Ravi, Admiral P and Eva Weel Skram at the farm for 12 days, I knew I would be exposed and weighed by viewers and reviewers. Both as a person and as a performer. My musical taste and identity would be studied, and the fact that the others would be in the room while I covered their songs, were scary. But the atmosphere were friendly and warm and not at all uncomfortable. Too little sleep, a lot of rain, musical exams every day (apart from the day of my own episode), did not change the fact that this was a unique experience, and a journey of a lifetime. I have made my own photo album from our time together. See my private picks here...

I felt taken care of, seen, understood. Not only by my colleges, but by the producers, the film crew, our helpers, make-up artists, hair dressers, sound engineers and especieally the band.

I’m writing this now, in a sofa in Oslo, as the rerun of our last episode plays before me on TV. And I think about all that is said and done. How Jørn says in his interview that he’s inspired to write songs again, after this. How Henning says that this is one of his best experiences ever. And I think I can spot showmanship when I see it. I’ve been in this business long enough to see someone saying things just because it’s the right thing to say. I don’t care what other artists have said and done. But I believe Jørn and Henning. And I've already discussed playing concerts with Henning next year. Jørn and I will see each other once in a while like always. I’m convinced Philip The Admiral P had a good time and I still stand by my promise that he can use my voice if he needs it. I’m 100% sure Wenche is herself in front and behind the cameras and that I will visit her next summer, to check out the cracks in her garden walls. I know Eva is genuine and that I will bring her home made gazpacho and we'll drink red, tall drinks in Grünerløkka. I’m positive Ivar likes us all, and that him and me will have those coffees and I'll try to smarten up around him while beating him at squash one Friday a month.

And I can tell you all that I’m now a fan of ‘Hver gang vi møtes’. Thank you for having me. And thank you people for watching. February is not yet finished, and I already have 50-60 concerts and events pinned to my calendar! See you out there!

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