'TOLD YOU' - About my choice of song on Eva's episode 
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'TOLD YOU' - About my choice of song on Eva's episode
Hver gang vi møtes / 10 Feb 2016
Eva Weel SkramEva Weel Skram is probably born to be on stage, and it seems she always knew. Some musicians are shy and uncomfortable off stage and in social situations, and flabbergastingly comfortable on stage. Eva is not shy around others, but she's even more present when she sings. As if spotlights, stages, microphones and audiences are the most natural thing on earth.

I envy her that ability, as I still see performing as a challenge, even after 20 years as a live musician. To be honest, I'd rather be home alone with my guitars, my piano and my songs without anyone hearing me, even if I make my living as a professional solo concert artist. I never seem to shake the feeling that singing is just too personal to do in public. Eva is a living proof of the oposite, and she has the skills and the self confidence to both give her audience an experience AND seem to have the time of her life when she's singing on TV!

While many of us participating in the TV-show 'Hver gang vi møtes' went around the farm being anxious or nervous about our upcoming performances, Eva was tweeting like a bird on how excited she was, and how much she looked forward to singing her versions of our songs to us. If she hadn't been so darned good at it, it would've been irritating. But Eva always delivers, it seems. In addition, she has a strong sense of melodies, composition and how things should sound. She's passionate about details and how to get to where she wants to be, and together with her husband Thomas Stenersen, she does as she pleases in the duo 'Eva & The Heartmaker'. They are a great match, and they make strong, hit-oriented popmusic with melodies as spines, and Thomas' energetic guitars creating the muscle mass.

After listening to a number of songs from this duo, I ended up choosing a song called 'Told you', for my performance in Eva's episode. It has a catchy melody, an energetic core, and a modern sound. I felt it could be arranged or produced in many directions, but in my head I heard bluegrass elements, and I decided to see how that idea would go with fit band. The idea certainly suited my small G-sharp guitar. These guitars I often use, are designed and developed by Fredrikstad's Øivin Fjeld, and they've become my main companions on stage the past years. They can sound quite different depending on which pedals or sound effects I use, and they fit my small fingers and travel easily. The band went along with my idea perfectly, and suddenly we had a 'Dolly Parton' thing going! 

It's time to present the band who've flawlessly backed us in so many different styles and directions this season:

Lars Kristian Folkvord (bass), Haakon-Marius Pettersen (piano), Truls Hval (guitars), Kristian Kvalvaag (guitars), Marie Klåpbakken (violins and vocals), and on drums: Torstein Lofthus.

I'm going to continue to play 'Told you' (and a few of the other songs I've done in this TV-series) on my upcoming concerts, and I'm looking forward to it. Even without the band or the original produced version, this is a song that can get people humming with just one voice and a small guitar.

And to Eva: If you want to, I think you can become a producer. You have good ideas and a strong vision. Since you've moved from Sogndal to Grünerløkka (where I grew up), I'll see you around the block! After all, we're all aunts and uncles to little William now.

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