Unni Wilhelmsen's lyrics from the album Definitely Me 
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Definitely Me

Lyrics from this album:

Feel it (3:45)

Grey encounter (4:15)

Story of last night (4:26)

Anything 'bout June (3:55)

Maybe (i've been thinking) (4:12)

The thread (5:06)

Growing process (2:44)

Perfectly alright (3:10)

Message (3:54)

Journey (5:34)

Sorry (3:58)

Wanna-be-song (6:27)

All songs written by Unni Wilhelmsen, except 'The Thread' written by Espen Jørgensen, and 'Grey Encounter' written by Unni Wilhelmsen, Marius Brovold, Tor Haugsnes


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